Baden-Württemberg is preparing to file a lawsuit against Volkswagen

20. Dec 2018 News

Baden-Württemberg will probably be the first federal state, which raises a lawsuit against the VW Group. Although VW produce their cars in the state (Neckarsulm), the state government wants so sue VW for damages. The accusation according to the state government: intentional, immoral damage by the exhaust manipulation. The amount of the claim is still unclear, since the number of cars (with the engine type EA 189) delivered to the state is yet to be determined. Previously, the state government had offered to settle the dispute, however, the carmaker hasn’t responded to this offer. Therefore, the state government will shortly file a lawsuit to not miss a deadline.
Meanwhile, the lawsuits against VW are piling up.  Contrary to the situation in Europe, where the group still defends itself against generous compensation payments, in the USA VW has yielded to the pressure of the authorities and granted the consumers far-reaching claims for damages.

For Baden-Württemberg, it isn’t the first lawsuit against the VW Group. Two years ago, the state had filed a lawsuit for the losses incurred by the country’s provident fund for officials due to the diesel scandal.

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