Cheap and Easy “Mass Production” of Companies?

19. Mar 2018 News

We observe a massive growth or spreading of new “consulting firms” without any legal qualifications listed for their work, many of which offer cheap and problem-free services for establishing and setting up a company in Germany. The description of services mostly contain only registered office service and/or interpreting services.

Though this obviously appears to be self-advertisement for our Firm, we would like to strongly advise against enlisting such services from vaguely described “consulting firms” or other services for establishing and setting up a company in Germany.  Such services imply that setting up a company is like buying a pair of socks, but the reality is that it is not so simple. Unlike buying a pair or socks, the belief that that if the size fits, everything will fit, is not applicable for creating a legal and viable business in Germany. Every company requires customization at its set up, and this fine calibration can only be done properly by a professional who has the qualification and experience to see the entire process through the legal issues, taxes and economic aspects of business operations in Germany.  You cannot use a mass template format to establish companies of vastly different character or function- even business in the same field have their own unique structure and needs that must be addressed when establishing a business in Germany.

Our experiences show that the quality level of the mass production-like work these “consulting firms” produce doesn’t reach the above-mentioned standards a professional lawyer provides.  We can’t even refer to the old proverb “If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly,” because these services are not even cheap at all; in fact, they’re not significantly cheaper than the services of properly qualified German lawyers.  This is astounding considering that the services they provide do not even come close to matching what is provided by German lawyers, especially ones whose communication abilities with English, Russian or other foreign clients are that of a native speaker.


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