Cost-effective review of old contracts or general terms and conditions

27. Sep. 2022

You don’t always have to reinvent new things.

In business practice, it can often be more cost-effective and more reasonable to review individual points of the existing purchasing, supply and sales contracts or general terms and conditions to reflect changes in circumstances or market risks.

Especially if the contract used so far, is legally designed for purely domestic purchases or sales, while, however, the importance of foreign reference in purchases, supply and sales in the company is now steadily growing.

The old contracts do not take into account new business developments, new markets, or the associated legal peculiarities with them, such as the risk of the applicable law of a foreign legal system, different liability standards abroad, the validity and exclusion of international agreements, the risk of the jurisdiction of a foreign court including the foreign procedural rules and language of proceedings, or, for example, the validity of the German retention of title clauses in foreign business, which, however, other legal systems often neither recognize nor acknowledge.

In such cases, it is often sufficient to contain the completely new and considerable contractual risks associated with foreign business at low cost by simply review of the old contracts.

Anyone can do it expensive. We offer you cost-effective and rapid solutions to effectively hedge your contractual risks in an increasingly global environment.

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