High compensation for accidents in Italy

5. Mar 2019 News

Following intensive negotiations with the insurance company Inter-Europa-AG, our law firm reached an agreement for a payment of a sum in six-digit amount as compensation for our clients, whose relatives died in a traffic accident in Italy. Thereby a lengthy procedure within the Italian judiciary was prevented by promptly compensating our clients for their loss.

If Italian law is applicable to the traffic accident, the compensation must be calculated in accordance with the compensation table of the Milanese Court of Appeal, even if the economic damage did not arise or is not so high. Such lump-sum compensation amounts can usually be in the six-digit range. It doesn’t matter to what extent, according to the rules on the “danno iure hereditatis” under German law, what the  survivor suffered. Furthermore, the claim for compensation is determined according to the principles of “danno proprio”, which also does not determine the amount of the actual damage, e.g. in the form of non-existent alimony payments.

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