Moscow Arbitration Conference and VIS Pre-Moot

14. Apr 2020 Events

Moscow, 2020.03.13-16.

This year for the first time our lawyers are participating at the Arbitraion Conference in Moscow and the subsequent VIS semi-final.

At the conference leading arbitration experts from the region will discuss the current challenges of arbitration. While in the following university competition the best students of 24 universities (amongst 5 German universities) will test their knowledge within a fictional lawsuit, where inter alia we are going to act as arbitrators.

Delegated members of our office:

– dr. jur. Péter Tallér (who himself is an alumnus from Moscow)
– dr. jur. P. Blaise Bess és
– dr. jur. Norbert Sipos

Place of event: Lomonoszov University, Faculty of Law, Chetvertiy Uchebniy Korpus

The detailed description of the event is available at this link.


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