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Distribution systems vs. data protection

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is on everyone's mind. This also applies to distribution systems, but in particular to franchise systems. It is already foreseeable that the General Data Protection Regulation will increase the sensitivity of data protection...

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Real estate acquisition in Hungary

The acquisition of real estate by EU-citizens and citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) is an important market in Hungary, and is possible to do with a few restrictions. But which restrictions do still apply? EU-citizens can purchase non-agricultural real...

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Cheap and Easy “Mass Production” of Companies?

We observe a massive growth or spreading of new “consulting firms” without any legal qualifications listed for their work, many of which offer cheap and problem-free services for establishing and setting up a company in Germany. The description of services mostly...

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How to establish your company in Germany

Intro Germany is the heart and soul of the European economy, its very core. Here businesses of any kind, any size, are able to quickly flourish and establish themselves in the European market, thanks not only to a great geographical location (Germany sits right in the...

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Antitrust, especially e-commerce

A general prohibition against dealers from selectively distributing through use price comparison machines was determined void because it was classified as antitrust-violating. As far as “franchise systems” qualify as “selective distribution systems,” this is highly...

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Franchise vs. Terms under German law

For the purpose of a uniform distribution system, and equal treatment of franchisees, franchisor companies generally use uniform franchise agreements, which contain general terms and conditions as defined in § 305 (1) sentence 1 BGB. Since these terms have not been...

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2018: Electronic Service of Process in Germany Too

After 01.01.2018 in the course of communication with the court (and the other lawyers) every lawyer in Germany will be obligated to provide the possibility of delivering electronic consignments to him or her through the closed system of the Federal Bar Association...

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