OVG: Lüneburg Wolfsburg doesn’t have to prohibit VW from doing business

1. Mar 2019 News

A citizen of Potsdam has applied to the city of Wolfsburg to take legal action against VW  due to the diesel scandal. He justified this by the fact that the responsible persons of VW have prohibited commercial law as well as the need for a ban of commercial activities for the protection of his health.

The city of Wolfsburg had rejected the application because the applicant couldn’t claim that he had been affected in his own subjective public rights.

The following complaint submitted by the applicant was dismissed by the OVG Lüneburg. It affirmed the decision made by the city of Wolfsburg that the application was inadmissible due to the lack of violated subjective and public rights. § 35 I 1 of the industrial code regulates the ban of commercial activities and only serves for the protection of the general public, not for the individual interests of third parties. The state already encounters possible health hazards associated with the emission of pollutants in a variety of ways. Because of this the applicant can’t invoke his fundamental right to physical integrity.


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