Laszlo Nagy

Laszlo Nagy

Rechtsanwalt (D), Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht (D), Fachanwalt für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht (D)

Consultation and Legal Representation

Nationwide and in European countries, in all areas of commercial law, particularly in shareholder disputes (including freelance associations), director and officer liability, supervisory board liability, compensation claims of commercial agents, distributors, independent branch managers, and franchisees, both under EU law and Swiss law, in legal disputes concerning goods deliveries.

Contract Drafting

Especially the design and finalization of export and import goods delivery contracts, procurement contracts, general terms and conditions, distribution contracts, articles of association, shareholder agreements, severance agreements, also compliant with international intellectual property rights standards and in the languages German, English, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian.


Representation of parties and acting as an arbitrator in national and international commercial arbitration proceedings.

Positions and Functions

  • Court-appointed temporary executive director for corporations
  • Chairman of the Arbitral Tribunal of the German Society for Project Management.
  • Permanent arbitrator at the International Arbitral Tribunal of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in Budapest.
  • Sports arbitrator at the Altmühltal Classic Sprint.
  • Lecturer at seminars for attorneys of the bar associations of Nuremberg and Munich (International Sales Law, International Civil Procedure Law).
  • Lecturer at the University of Pécs (Hungary) (UN Sales Law).



  • Basics of the Vienna UN Sales Law CISG 2009 (accompanying script for the University of Pécs, Hungary).
  • Foreign Business: Different Countries, Different Laws in WiM, the Business Magazine of the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Issue 12/2013.
  • The New Competition Law in China, 2014 (accompanying script for MANAGEMENTCIRCLE AG).
  • Legal comparison of the new Hungarian liability law/CISG liability system for breach of contract, 2016.
  • Basics of International Sales Law, 2017 (accompanying script for the bar associations of Nuremberg and Munich).



  • German
  • English
  • Hungarian
  • French

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