V. WIPS – Szeged (Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in Szeged)

16. Jan 2020 Events

Date: 4-5 May 2020, venue: University of Szeged

The Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Theory of the University of Szeged will host its 5th annual WIPS – Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in Szeged. The event is organized by the University of Szeged to discuss the actual issues in intellectual property law. This year, the central topics of the presentations are ‘Technological innovation and intellectual property’ and ‘Towards a more uniform European IP law’. The two key presenters of the event First Advocate General Maciej Szpunar (Court of Justice of the European Union) and Professor Estelle Derclaye (University of Nottingham). Like in the previous year, our lawyers will attend the workshop this year too.

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