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Mark Twain, author of The Awful German Language 

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Our highly skilled team of lawyers offer a broad range of legal services from contractual negotiations and out-of-court settlements to litigation of complex legal disputes. They are qualified to represent you before all local courts, regional courts, high courts and financial tribunals in Germany and all foreign arbitration courts.

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Our professional network of commercial and legal global partners extends to Law schools and universities. We assist our academic partners by providing lectures, trainings or summer internships and assisting with legal research and reports.

Recommended Law Firm of Germany for International Arbitration 2013/2014

Quality Award of the German Federal Bar Association (Nagy)

German Cross Border Law Firm of the Year 2013

NZP NAGY LEGAL is a boutique international law firm based in Nuremberg, Germany, specialising in corporate law, commercial law and arbitration.


European Court of Justice: Hungary cannot cancel EU-citizen’s rights of use for cultivation areas

On January 1st 2013 a Hungarian law came into force, that only allows EU-citizens to get rights of use for cultivation areas, if they are a “close relative” to the owner. For the past 20 years, ownership could only be acquired by Hungarian citizens, so the owners are...
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Rights against car dealers and manufacturers due to the emissions scandal

In the United States the involved group has been reimbursing customers who were affected by the diesel emissions scandal. In Germany however, customers who drive a manipulated diesel-car only rarely raise a claim against the car dealers or manufacturers. Yet, they are...
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Exclusive purchase obligation for more than 8 years contract term in sales terms allowed

Suppliers and customers agree - if it is not merely a one-off purchase - often framework supply contracts uniformly regulate the basic issues of a long-term business relationship (especially concerning the type and quality of products and their prices, including...
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Franchisee compensation claim analogous to § 89b HGB (German Commercial Code)

As of early 2018, it is unclear whether franchisees can claim equalization rights in accordance with § 89b HGB. The assumption of compensation claims is likely to leave little room after the court decisions of the past few years. Thus, in the case of an "anonymous...
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Our Publications

German civil proceudre with froreign elements

Professional training held by Laszlo Nagy for the Munich Bar Association. Topic: Private International Law and International Procedural Law.

Author: Attorney L. Nagy, October 2017


Basics of International Distribution Law 2017

Brochure for in-house lawyers and specialist attorneys.

Author: Attorney L. Nagy,  October 2017


Hungarian-German Business Forum in Budapest

Consultation for Germany companies interested in establishing their presence on the Hungarian market.

Place and date:
5 November 2015 Budapest,

Our representative : Attorney Laszlo Nagy


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