German-Indian Investment In Future Technologies: Growing Perspectives For The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

31. May 2017 News

NZP NAGY LEGAL reaches an agreement with Indian companies, for the support of German investors in India.

The effects of the so-called “Great Round” of meetings between the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi can already be seen clearly the next day. One of the main points of this “Round” has been the setup of a joint council committee between the two sides (details here). As a direct tangible result, several market-leading Indian companies (even from outside of the official economic delegation) visited the fair for engineering of automobiles (“Messe für Automobilingenieure”) taking place in the Nuremberg exhibition center earlier today. This fair also focuses itself with ever-growing emphasis on the promotion of new technologies for the future, such as renewable energies, smart cities and the solar industry. This news is welcomed with great appreciation from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, which is already leading the way in the innovative technology market and are promoters of foreign-country exchanges (for more, visit here https://www.nuernberg.de/internet/wirtschaft/innovationspakt.html).

In addition to the German Federal Government, our law firm has also had intensive discussions with one of the Indian market-leaders of this sector, agreeing in the end on a long-term cooperation to support German companies in India. This means that prospective clients from Europe are now able to reach the Indian market through our law firm, which will present itself as an outsourcing agency for penetrating the Indian market.

We are pleased to be able to support our existing and future clients in India, just as we are to support them in the Middle East, thanks to our already established department specialised in the region.

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