Regulation of artificial intelligence on the horizon

8. Feb 2022 News

Diagnostics, pricing, data analytics: and the list could go on! With the rise of the data economy, the importance of artificial intelligence is growing inexorably. This technology plays a central role in the systematic analysis of big data. The EU has worked out a legal framework for the regulation of AI. According to this, AI systems should be classified into four risk categories. For high risk AI (based on their proximity to sensitive areas, such as: fundamental rights, health and safety) strict requirements should apply. The aim of the future regulation is to find the balance between the two regulatory objectives: on the one hand, ensuring that no “lawless space” is created by the modern technology, at the same time maintaining the global competitiveness of the EU. Further legislative acts are expected within the framework “Europe fit for the digital age”. We will keep you updated on these in further posts.

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